2016 International Design Forum
A star filled event

This years IDF invited Steven Leung (Hong Kong, China), Chi Wing Lo (Greece), Tino Kwan (Hong Kong, China), Wu Bin (China), Shen Lei (China), Tong Huiming (China), Michael Young (UK), Francessco Messori (Netherland), Coen Van Dijck(Netherland), Timothy Jacob Jensen (Denmark), Matteo Thun (Italy), Zha Xue qiang (China) together explore the "Oriental values and contemporary design". 

Mr. Zhao Xue Qiang

Mr. Zhang  Hong Yi

Mr. Steve Leung

Mr. Wu Bin

Mr. Francessco Messori 

Mr. Coen Van Dijck

Mr. Tino Kwan

Mr. Shen Lei 

Mr. Chi Wing Lo

Mr.  Matteo Thun

Mr. Michael Young

Mr. Timothy Jacob Jensen

Mr. Tong Huiming

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