IDF Annual Meeting 2017

International Design Forum (IDF) 2016 Annual Conference will be held in 2016 Guangzhou Design Week, this year's General Assembly invites design leaders from China, Greece, Netherlands,Denmark,United Kingdom, Italy and Hong Kong, sharing and discussing the unbounded design field ¡°The Oriental Value & contemporary design ¡°.

Venue£ºGrand Hall, 3F, LongHamPlace Guangzhou


Special Guests

Steve Leung (Hong Kong, China)

Founder and Chairman of Steve Leung Co., Ltd

The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers President (2015-2017)

Tong Hui Ming (China)

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Institute of industrial design professor

Master tutor

Keynote Speakers

Ben Wu (China)

W+S design brand founder

W. DESIGN design director

Tino Kwan (H.K. SAR)

Tino Kwan Lighting Design Consultants Limited founder

Francesco Messori (Netherland)

Co-founder and Design Director of design studio D/DOCK

Timothy Jacob Jensen£¨Denmark£©

Jacob Jensen Design£üDetao Shanghai Chief designer

Chi Wing Lo (Italy / Greece)

DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO Italia & 1ness founder

Michael Young (Britain

Michael Young Design studio founder


MTD-R product design firm

MTD-R Architectural / Interior /Product design firm Founder (Shanghai)

Antonio Rodriguez (Spain)

MTD-R product design firm

MTD-R Architectural / Interior /Product design firm Founder (Shanghai)


Architectural Design company partner and director

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